Fred Warmbrodt is leading a fundraiser for Akron Rugby through GARF (Greater Akron Rugby Foundation), a 501 3c foundation.

It is a matching funds drive that will match your tax deductible donation to GARF.

We own approx 15 acres. We are developing a second, full size field, while contining to improve our property and what we have to offer our members, friends and youth sports.

We are asking for Donations from you!

Send a check to Fred Warmbrodt made out to GARF: 985 South Medina Line Road, Wadsworth, Ohio 44281


This is a picture of a 6' x 11' 10,000 lb granite slab with limited spots for donators on it.

With a $ 750 donation by you (and spouse) your donation will be matched with another $750, and your name (and spouse) will be added to the Rock.

The initial round of donators on the Rock was 12 -15 years ago. We need your help again to make our goals.  $200 - $1,000 each, or whatever you can give for the field and buildings to get us to the next level.



























Donating vehicles.

If you have a vehicle, in-op or running, or property you would be willing to donate to Akron Rugby/GARF for a tax deduction, please contact, Bill Reymann, 330-338-3222

Thank you for your support!

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Use the Paypal button to donate any amount to our club. Donations go to field maintenance, scholarships, and community programs. 



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