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How to register with USA rugby to play for our team


You must register with USA rugby in order to play on the team.  You also must renew your membership each year you wish to play.  Your renewal lasts for one year.

Here are the directions to register:

It is highly recommended that individuals download the ‘Rugby Xplorer’ application on iTunes or the Google Play Store to register, but you can register online by going to

Individuals must create a profile, known as a USA Rugby ID, and then once their profile is created, they should search for and select their Club to register to. A couple of best practices:

  • Individuals should create their USA Rugby ID with the email address they used personally for Sportslomo. This may help with porting data later down the road.

  • Players should search for and register for their CLUB, not necessarily their Team. Many Clubs have multiple teams including men and women’s, D1, D2, D3, etc.

If you experience issues registering, you should email






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